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9014-2 Motion Day Procedures

(a)   Attendance at Hearing.

(1)      Movers and parties filing objections shall appear for oral argument on motions noticed for hearing or set for hearing by the court, except as otherwise provided in these Local Rules.

(2)      Appearance for oral argument is not required if:

(i)       the court grants a motion for continuance and notifies the parties that it has continued the hearing; or

(ii)      the court places the matter on the "no argument" portion of the docket for that motion day because:

(aa)   all parties have consented to the relief requested or to the entry of a specific order;


(bb)   the matter was properly noticed, no objection was filed timely, and the pleadings demonstrate that mover is entitled to the relief requested as a matter  of law.

(b)   Prevailing Party To Submit Proposed Orders. The party prevailing at a hearing shall submit a proposed order conforming to the court's ruling, pursuant to Local Rule 9013-5, unless the court orders otherwise.