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9014-1 Contested Matters Procedures

(a) Objections.

(1) A party opposing a motion shall file an objection, including any affidavits and other supporting documents, not later than 11:59 p.m. on the eighth day before the hearing. The court will set a deadline for objections on matters heard on an emergency or expedited basis. The objection shall set forth reasons and authorities supporting the opposition to the mover's request, and along with other supporting documents shall be served on all parties entitled to notice.

(2) Failure to file a timely objection shall be deemed a waiver of opposition and consent to the relief requested.

(b) Untimely Objections. The court will not consider untimely objections absent leave of court granted for cause before they are filed. Motions for leave to file untimely objections shall state whether all parties entitled to notice consent to the untimely objection, or if all parties entitled to notice have not been contacted, the reasons the mover has not contacted them.

(c) Replies to Objections. The mover may file a single reply to the objection no fewer than two days before the initial hearing, and shall serve the reply by a method to ensure that all parties entitled to service receive it upon filing.

(d) No Supplementation of Objections or Replies. No objections or replies shall be supplemented without prior leave of court.

(e) No Other Responses. No responses other than those permitted by this Local Rule shall be filed without prior leave of court.