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Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC)

About ePOC

The ePOC program allows the automatic filing of a proof of claim with our court. A CM/ECF login is not required to docket claims electronically.  All claims in any case where there is no Claims Agent assigned are accepted through the Court's website. The Court strongly encourages the e-filing of claims. After the proof of claim information is added to the virtual B10 form, a PDF document is generated and filed with our court.

How to file a proof of claim

You may file an electronic proof of claim using the ePOC application. Search for the case number, then check the box to agree to the terms of use. Next, select the creditor for which you want to file a proof of claim. Then, follow the provided instructions to fill out the required fields and upload attachments (if needed). Verify all information entered, then click "Submit Claim."

How to amend a proof of claim

If you need to amend a previously filed claim, use ePOC to search for the case, then select the same creditor that the claim was initially filed under. Select "yes" for question 4, "Does this claim amend one already filed?" A dropdown selection will appear to allow you to choose the existing claim which you are amending. 

If the previously filed claim does not appear in the drop down list, return to the ePOC home page and search for the case again. If the creditor is listed multiple times, select the alternate listing of that creditor from the list. Then, proceed with amending the claim. 

Where to file

To file an electronic proof of claim, click here.

To supplement an electronic proof of claim, click here.

To withdraw an electronic proof of claim, click here.