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Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC)

About ePOC

The ePOC program allows the automatic filing of a proof of claim with our court. A CM/ECF login is not required to docket claims electronically.  All claims in any case where there is no Claims Agent assigned are accepted through the Court's website.

The Court strongly encourages the e-filing of claims. We are excited to be able to provide this automated method of filing proof of claims with our court.

Benefits of ePOC:

  • Requires no CM/ECF login and password access

  • Fillable virtual Proof of Claim form - no additional PDF copies of B10 required

  • No specialized software required

  • Allows amending of claims using the ePOC program

  • PDF attachments allowed during filing through ePOC

  • Easy to use, quick to file

How to file 

This program does not require the use of a login and password to access our CM/ECF system.  After the proof of claim information is added to the virtual B10 form, a PDF document is generated and filed with our court.

Attachments can be linked to the event to support the proof of claim during this process.

Claims may also be amended using this process. The links below provide additional information that may be helpful. Proof of Claims will continue to be accepted when processed using our standard CM/ECF filing methods and PDF documents. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our court.

Where to file

To file an electronic proof of claim, click here.

To supplement an electronic proof of claim, click here.

To withdraw an electronic proof of claim, click here.