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Retrieving Copies of Closed Case Files

Instructions for Retrieving Copies of Closed Case Files

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Southwest Region facility, serves as the storage facility for the court's closed case files. General bankruptcy case files are retained by the court for 15 years. Currently, most of the 1970-1995 bankruptcy case files have been destroyed in accordance with the approved records disposition authority (N1-578-11-001, in accordance with 44 USC § 3303).

To request copies of court records stored at the archives center, you will first need to obtain Federal Records Center (FRC) information from the bankruptcy court where the case was filed and closed. NARA will not be able to locate the requested case files without the following information: transfer (accession) number, location number, box number, case name and case number. There is a $64.00 archive retrieval fee required for the first box and $39.00 for each additional box for the court to request the archived case file from NARA.

Once you obtain the requested information from the Bankruptcy Court, you are prepared to make your request for copies of documents to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The form used to make such a request is available through NARA’s website at Follow the instructions provided by NARA so that NARA personnel can send you the requested copies.

The cost for copies varies. For the list of options and the associated costs, please refer to the NARA's website: