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1007-2 Mailing List

(a)   The mailing list shall include the names and addresses of all creditors and other parties in interest. It shall not include the names and addresses of the debtor, counsel for the debtor, or the trustee.

(b)   A schedule amendment by the debtor or trustee adding or deleting creditors shall be accompanied by an amended mailing list reflecting the additions or deletions. The amended mailing list shall be titled "Amended Mailing List", be dated, and specify whether the amendment adds or deletes creditors or corrects address information. The list shall include only names and addresses of the creditors affected by the amendment.

(c)   The debtor or trustee may change a creditor's address by filing an Amended Mailing List. Amendment of the schedules is not required.

(d)   The debtor and counsel for the debtor shall file a signed Mailing List Verification conforming to Local Form 1 with every original and amended mailing list, and attach a copy of the mailing list that is the subject of the verification.