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1007-1 Extension of Time for Filing Lists, Schedules and Statements

(a)   A debtor may obtain a single extension of the time for filing schedules and statements pursuant to FRBP 1007(c) without notice and opportunity for hearing, by motion filed before the original deadline.

(b)   The motion shall recite:

(1) the petition date;

(2) the original deadline for filing the statements and schedules;

(3) the date of the meeting of creditors;

(4) the reasons for the extension; and

(5) the specific date of the extended deadline.

(c)   The debtor shall submit a proposed order pursuant to Local Rule 9013-5 specifying the date by which the schedules and statements shall be filed. The proposed deadline shall be no fewer than three days before the meeting of creditors.

(d)   The debtor may request additional extensions only by motion noticed for a hearing pursuant to Local Rule 9013-3.