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8001-1 Appeals

(a) Unavailable as used in FRBP 8009(c) shall mean that an accurate and complete transcript cannot be produced from the court’s official electronic recording of proceedings.

(b) Parties electing to substitute an Agreed Statement as the Record on Appeal as permitted by FRBP 8009(d) shall file and notice for hearing pursuant to Local Rule 9013-3 a joint motion for approval of the Agreed Statement as the Record on Appeal.

(c) Parties moving in district court or the court of appeals for leave to appeal; dismissal; a stay pending appeal; approval of a supersedeas bond, additional security on a bond or undertaking on appeal; or any other intermediate order, promptly shall notify the Clerk of Bankruptcy Court of the filing of the motion to enable the clerk to comply timely with FRBP 8010(c).