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5011-1 Motions to Withdraw Reference or for Other Relief from District Court

(a)   Motions for relief from a district judge pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §157 shall be filed in the bankruptcy court.

(b)   After filing, the district court's local rules shall apply to motions that request relief from a district judge.

(c)   Motions subject to this Local Rule shall include:

(1)      a clear and conspicuous statement in the caption of the pleading that "RELIEF IS SOUGHT FROM A UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE";

(2)      a designation of parts of the bankruptcy court record that will be reasonably necessary to enable the district court to consider the motion; and

(3)      a list of every party with an interest in the motion, the attorney for every party and the attorney's mailing address.

(d)   After the initial motion, every document filed in a matter subject to this Local Rule shall be filed with the Clerk of the District Court and shall comply with the rules of that court.

(e)   The Clerk promptly shall notify the Clerk of the District Court of the filing of a motion subject to this Local Rule.

(f)    All parties and their attorneys shall advise this court and the district court promptly of orders entered in either forum that affect matters pending in the other forum.