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3015-1 Chapter 13 Plans

(a)   In addition to contents required by 11 U.S.C. §1322, a plan shall include:

(1)      Payments. The dollar amount of payments to be made to the trustee, by month;

(2)      Trustee Compensation. The portion of the plan payment designated as trustee compensation and reimbursement;

(3)      Curing of Default. If the plan provides for the curing of any default or arrearage, a designation of the default as pre-petition or post-petition;

(4)      Property Value. A value for every asset that secures a claim treated in the plan;

(5)      Payment of Claims. The manner in which every secured claim and class of claims is to be satisfied or paid, including monthly payment amounts, and whether the debtor or the trustee will make payments to the creditor;

(6)      Interest Rate. The rate of interest to be paid on each secured claim;

(7)      Lien Avoidance. If the debtor intends to file a complaint to avoid a lien, an unambiguous statement that the debtor proposes to avoid a creditor's lien and the basis alleged for avoidance;

(8)      Liquidation Value. An analysis of the amount available to unsecured creditors if the case were a chapter 7 liquidation;

(9)      Computing Present Value. A statement of the annual interest or discount rate used to compute the present value of the deferred payments to the class of unsecured claims for purposes of 11 U.S.C. §1325(b)(1)(A), and wherever else applicable;

(10)   Present Value. A statement of the present value of the deferred payments to the class of unsecured claims;

(11)   Basis For Differing Treatment. The basis for different payments or treatment of creditors within the same class;

(12)   Surrender of Collateral. A statement that confirmation of the plan shall constitute an order granting relief from the automatic stay to allow enforcement of security interest(s) in collateral surrendered pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §1325(a)(5)(C);

(13)   Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases. Identification of every executory contract and unexpired lease, and provisions concerning their assumption or rejection;

(14)   Disclosure and Request for Approval of Attorney's Compensation. A disclosure of the compensation paid or promised to be paid to debtor's counsel, together with a request for a hearing on approval of compensation and reimbursement of expenses at the time of the confirmation hearing;

(15)   Attorney's Certification. A certification that debtor's counsel has personally explained to the debtor the debtor's obligations under the plan.

(b)   The mandatory chapter 13 plan form for this district may be found on the court's website,