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2090-2 Pro Hac Vice Appearance

(a)   An attorney ineligible for admission to the bar of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana, who is a member in good standing of the bar of any United States Court or the highest court of any State, Territory or Insular Possession of the United States, and of good moral character may be permitted to appear and participate in a specific case or proceeding, upon ex parte motion. Permission to appear pro hac vice in the bankruptcy court does not constitute permission to appear in the district court.

(b)   Except as authorized by the United States Constitution, Act of Congress or court order, an applicant is not eligible to practice pro hac vice if the applicant:

(1)      resides in Louisiana;

(2)      is regularly employed in Louisiana; or

(3)      is regularly engaged in business or professional activities in Louisiana.

(c)   A motion for permission to appear pro hac vice shall include:

(1)      the mover's name and office address;

(2)      all courts that have admitted the mover to practice and the date of admission to each court;

(3)      a certificate of recent date from the presiding judge or clerk of the highest court of the state, or court of the United States, where the mover has been admitted to practice, showing that the mover has been admitted to that court and that he is in good standing ;

(4)      a statement that the mover has not been sanctioned or disciplined by any court or administrative body, or the details and disposition of each and every sanction and disciplinary proceeding;

(5)      a description of mover's training on any court's CM/ECF system; and

(6)      the attorney's agreement to comply with these Local Rules.

(d)   The mover shall submit a proposed order pursuant to Local Rule 9013-5 identifying every case and proceeding in which counsel seeks leave to appear pro hac vice.