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2083-1 Duties of Chapter 13 Debtor

(a)   The debtor shall insure the estate's property and vehicles against fire, theft, casualty and other loss in an amount no less than the fair market value of the property, and promptly pay premiums for the insurance as they come due. At or before the meeting of creditors, the debtor shall deliver to the chapter 13 trustee written evidence of insurance for each insurance policy covering estate property. A debtor unable to maintain the insurance coverage required by this subsection immediately shall notify creditors with liens on the insured property, the chapter 13 trustee and the court. Failure to comply with this subsection may be cause for dismissal or conversion of the case, relief from the automatic stay regarding the property, or other appropriate actions or sanctions.
(b)   The debtor shall furnish to the chapter 13 trustee, upon request, evidence of every mortgage debt secured by the debtor's principal residence, including without limitation the amount of pre-petition and post-petition arrears.