3015-4 Amended and Modified Chapter 13 Plans

(a)   Amendment of Plan Before Confirmation.

(1)      An amended plan filed before the initially scheduled confirmation hearing shall be titled as an amended plan.

(2)      An amended plan shall be titled to indicate whether it is the first or a later amendment.

(3)      Plans amended before confirmation shall be filed and served, no later than 8 daysbefore the scheduled confirmation hearing, on the chapter 13 trustee and every party entitled to notice as a result of the effect of the amended plan on its claim.

(b)   Modification of Confirmed Plans.

(1)      A modified plan shall:

(i)       be titled to indicate whether it is the first or a later modification;

(ii)      set forth the reason for the modification;

(iii)     specifically identify the changes in the debtor's circumstances that are cause for the modification, including, if appropriate, the reason the debtor has failed to make plan or post-petition mortgage payments; and

(iv)    set forth the amount of fees previously awarded to debtor's counsel during the case, and any additional fees sought for the modification.

(2)      A modified plan shall set forth all changes to the confirmed plan in contrasting type or underscored.

(3)      The debtor shall file amended schedules I and J with every modified plan.

(4)      Objections to the confirmation of a modified plan shall be filed and served no later than 8 days before the scheduled hearing.

(5)      Post-confirmation plan modifications shall be noticed for hearing pursuant to FRBP 3015(g) and Local Rule 9013-3(b).

(c)   Effect of Stay Relief on Chapter 13 Plan. Unless the court orders otherwise, modification of the automatic stay at the request of a creditor whose secured claim is being paid pursuant to a chapter 13 plan shall terminate plan payments to that creditor on account of the secured claim, without the need for a court order or modification of the plan.